V-Lawn Prints By Vaneeza 2013 | V-luxuary prints collection and the limited Edition Collection.

This time round, the brand introduced two new lines called V-luxuary prints collection and the limited Edition Collection.
Limited Edition Collection, usually is a single line is lunched but judging from the competition around, a changed from a regular turned out a click to shopahlies. It offered embroidery with diaphanous dupattas.
Whereas the V-luxury print collection may appeal more to the purists as it was a high end collection with dopatta in pure silk and shiffons.

Looking good during the summer is not an easy task.The heat already has one sweating, while the face gets oily erasing all signs of makeup.Its in situation all these that a good Lawn suit can save you.Yes a striking suit can do wonders for your look and image, specially in hot melting weather……
  For the past couple of years the trend has been wearing clothes that are long and flowy like Pishwaas, shirts with panels and shirts with trails. However this season the trend has changed and the shirt with lot of volume have not been spotted to such a great extend as last year……..
   V-Lawn prints by ex-super model vaneeza is a brand known by all. Women love her designs and her exhibition usually do well with many ladies flooding the premises to get their hands on the latest Lawn print. This Season the model faced a lot of competition from a numbers of other brands that came out.


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